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Majestic Maiden Majestic Maiden is an example of a modern Old Family Red Nose line.   Bezzi's Big Shot of Heinzl bloodlines.   Majestic Maiden is an example of a modern Old Family Red Nose line.

Bulldog coloration.   Centipede   Dick Stratton and Daisy.

Dempsy firing off.   Leri and Goose.   Ma & Ma

Richard Stratton with Sweeper, a son of Beetlejuice and descendant of Jimmy Boots, Hoover, and Going Light Barney   Contrary to popular opinion, many Bulldogs can play together, but they should do so under supervision.   This innocuous-looking pup is descended from such immortal dogs as Jimmy Boots and Going Light Barney.

CH. Midnight, a very famous dog that is part of a highly-valued bloodline.   Giroux Champion Booger is a famous old pit dog, found in many pedigrees.   A Bulldog named "Kitty," kept as a house pet.

Pit Bulldogs come in many colors. This one lives in San Francisco.   Nep's Doc Happy Holiday, a young powerhouse, strong enough to pull a house off its foundation.   Nick's Brewzer has won weigh-pulling and show titles.

Nick's Tuffy was a rugged and game bitch down from Iron Mike lines.   Double Grand Champion Tornado, Possibly the greatest female pit champion that ever lived, was double Saloon Breeding.(Champion Saloon was her grandsiron one side and great grandsire on the other.)   Barney is an odd color for the breed, black and tan, but he is such a classy dog, it looks like a tuxedo on him.A great dog, he is down from Tombstone via Tonka Bear.

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